Data Recovery Townsville


Data recovery townsville computer recyclers

Data Recovery & Backups

Our team of data recovery engineers retrieve data off of every hard drive on the market, and use proprietary recovery techniques that can recover data other companies deem unrecoverable.  With cost-effective service plans and short turnaround times we can recover your precious data. 

Industry leading Success Rate

Data recovery townsville computer recyclers
Having performed hundreds of successful hard drive data recovery projects, our track record speaks for itself. Our hard disk data recovery process utilizes the most cutting-edge tools and proprietary methods to ensure the best possible results, and gives us a success rate over 90%. Using ISO-certified quality controlled processes enables us to consistently deliver quality for every hard recovery project, allowing us to salvage what most “data recovery” companies often deem unrecoverable.

Quality Certified and Secure Certified

Data recovery townsville computer recyclers
Our certified hard disk recovery experts support data recovery for all makes and brands, and we are committed to providing personalized care and top-notch quality services and solutions. Our strive to give our clients the highest standard is reflected in every stage of your data recovery experience.

    Need Help? 

    If you are experiencing difficulties with a Hard Disk Drive, Floppy Disk, Tape Backup or any storage media, you have come to the right place for assistance!

    • Hard Disk Hardware Recovery, retrieval of data from failed hardware.
    • Raid arrays, Mirrored and striped Volumes, effect recovery of disk arrays without the controller.
    • Hard Disk Software Recovery, Reconstruction of file systems, extraction of files from damaged file systems & virus attack.
    • Tape Recovery, Reading backup and archival tapes.
    • Onsite Computer Support.
    • and much more!